REDbird tanGO – DJI Phantom Compatible 5.8ghz RC Link

Introducing the REDbird tanGO 5.8ghz Intelligent RC Communications Device.

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The REDbird tanGO device dances with a DJI compatible 2.4ghz WiFi Range Extender to create a complete remote mount repeating solution. The tanGO’s 5.8ghz RC Link is compatible with the DJI Phantom 3 Standard, Phantom 2 Vision, Vision+ and FC40 and has additional two-way communications capabilities.

No drone or controller modifications are required. Just press a button to bind the tanGO device to your DJI controller and fly. Once  you use the REDbird tanGO as a repeater, you won’t go back to your current setup. It’s easy to use and enables so much more.


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REDbird 5.8ghz RC Link Module – DJI Phantom Compatible

The Radio Control (RC) community now has an alternative to using 2.4ghz or other lower frequency radio bands.    Introducing the REDbird 5.8ghz RC Link Module.   The REDbird module is a general purpose radio control data packet transceiver and compatible with DJI Phantom UAV’s that use the 5.8ghz RC band. The initial targeted markets are for UAV/Drone flight control, independent advanced payload control, and the Internet Of Things (IoT).  The REDbird module has FCC and IC approvals. Other worldwide agency approvals are considered.

REDbird 5.8ghz RC Link Module

Watch a few videos to see what it can do:   Demo Videos

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