Demo Videos


You decide. Please watch a few video links to better grasp this concept and what it can do for you.

The REDbird tanGO 5.8ghz RC Repeater Device along with a DJI WiFi 2.4ghz Range Extender device (the small white box that many assume must remain attached to the DJI Controller) , are attached as a pair to a camera-type tripod, car roof mount, or a second repeater-helper drone.

Sit comfortably inside your car or shaded area and fly further down range.
Access the Inaccessible places you could not reach before.

Once  you use the REDbird tanGO Repeater System, you won’t go back to your current setup. It’s easy to use and enables so much more.

Two-Person Team Experience – Car Driver and Drone Operator:

Tripod Mount:


Repeater-Helper Drone Mount  –  Stay low to the ground – 1.2 mile ground level flight


Pop up out of a forrest tree canopy and explore your world


Berry did this flight while setting comfortably inside his car:


Watch more flight scenarios here:  REDbird RF