REDbird tanGO – DJI Phantom Compatible 5.8ghz RC Link

Introducing the REDbird tanGO 5.8ghz Intelligent RC Communications Device.

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The REDbird tanGO device dances with a DJI compatible 2.4ghz WiFi Range Extender to create a complete remote mount repeating solution. The tanGO’s 5.8ghz RC Link is compatible with the DJI Phantom 3 Standard, Phantom 2 Vision, Vision+ and FC40 and has additional two-way communications capabilities.

No drone or controller modifications are required. Just press a button to bind the tanGO device to your DJI controller and fly. Once  you use the REDbird tanGO as a repeater, you won’t go back to your current setup. It’s easy to use and enables so much more.



Car Mount: both repeaters

The REDbird tanGO device can also act as a user-defined Advanced Payload Control add-on for drones such as the Phantom 3 Advanced , Professional or Inspire 1. Users define their payload requirements.  Examples are sophisticated lighting and loud speakers synchronized with ground based audio or other control sources.


The key component inside the REDbird tanGO device is the REDbird 58Link Module.

The device can change behaviors to become the following:

  1. Controller – use a third party transmitter/controller (via trainer port) or a PC
  2. Repeater   – binds to and repeats Controller data packets
  3. Listener    – binds and responds to a Controller (i.e. a receiver). Two-way data on serial port
  4. Monitor    – monitor or inject two-way traffic between Controller, Listener, or Repeater

note:  the DJI 5.8ghz controller is inherently a Controller


Repeater Drone Technology: fly both repeaters for deep down range ground level access

Seamlessly switch between your original Phantom RC controller and a third party RC controller using a Trainer Port. By default, the REDbird tanGO automatically morph’s into a Controller when a valid Trainer Port input is detected and back again to a Repeater when no trainer detection.  Default behaviors and other configuration parameters are setup and managed using the REDbird Assistant program (currently for a PC).

RB Module-text

REDbird tanGO – side view


REDbird tanGO – bottom view



REDbird tanGO – use as a controller

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