REDbird 5.8ghz RC Link Module – DJI Phantom Compatible

The Radio Control (RC) community now has an alternative to using 2.4ghz or other lower frequency radio bands.    Introducing the REDbird 5.8ghz RC Link Module.   The REDbird module is a general purpose radio control data packet transceiver and compatible with DJI Phantom UAV’s that use the 5.8ghz RC band. The initial targeted markets are for UAV/Drone flight control, independent advanced payload control, and the Internet Of Things (IoT).  The REDbird module has FCC and IC approvals. Other worldwide agency approvals are considered.

REDbird 5.8ghz RC Link Module

Watch a few videos to see what it can do:   Demo Videos

Advanced Miniaturized RF Circuitry with on board SoC.

The REDbird module size is 45mm x 15mm x 3mm and accepts 3.7V to 12V DC power input. Digital signals are 3.3V. The module supports two Trainer Port Inputs, seven PWM Input/Outputs, Misc I/O,  and one TTL Serial Port (configurable as UART or DLink/SLink for DJI and Futaba compatibility). A second antenna port is available for optional diversity support.    The module can support applications acting as a:  Controller, Repeater, Receiver, or Monitor.

Module use in Products: 
Garrock LLC’s primary intent is to integrate the REDbird 5.8ghz RC Link Module into its own product line. Garrock’s first product integrates the module into the REDbird 5.8ghz RC Repeater Device. The Repeater Device is compatible with DJI’s Phantom 2 Vision, Vision+, and FC40 radio control protocols. Garrock is also active adapting to the new Phantom 3 Standard which also uses the 5.8ghz RC band. The Repeater Device can be mounted on a camera type tripod or on a second repeater-helper drone. Extend your range while setting comfortably in your car or in a shaded area and Access the Inaccessiblesm.    Garrock will consider module sales to OEM’s for integration into their products.

Enabling Platform Purposesm:
Since many UAV platform-solutions use radio bands other than 5.8ghz, the REDbird module can act as separate payload control add-on sub-system that will not interfere with existing UAV radio control.  The concept of entertainment drone can implement music-synchronized light shows, microphone or loud speakers, or up to the imagination of the implementer to drive application-specific payload I/0.

Future Modules: 
Garrock LLC plans to release a functionally equivalent module using instead 2.4ghz which will support the same API and in-air protocol also including additional support for blue-tooth-smart/LE. This will allow an implementer to choose between the 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz bands and maintain compatibility and portability with their embedded application-solutions.

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REDbird is a trademark of Garrock, LLC.